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Friday, December 25, 2009

Skeptic's Annotated Bible / Quran / Book of Mormon


Steve Wells -- "it is time for us all to stop believing in, or pretending to believe in, a book that is so unworthy of belief"

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible (SAB) is a website providing skeptical analysis of the Bible, edited by Steve Wells. It consists of annotations presented alongside the text of the King James Version of the Bible pointing out internal inconsistencies and contradictions with science and history, and suggesting that the Bible advocates reprehensible ethics.

Since its initial inception, The Skeptic's Annotated Bible has been expanded by Wells, with the addition of a discussion board, an annotated Qur'an, an annotated Book of Mormon, and various links to external sites such as The Brick Testament.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible uses tags to highlight issues including injustice, absurdity, cruelty and violence, intolerance, contradictions, family values, women, science and history, prophecy, sex, language, interpretation, homosexuality, and "good stuff". Each tag offers negative, critical commentary with the exception of the "Good Stuff" section, which usually refers to positive ethical teachings in the Bible.

However, overall the sections that deal with impossibilities, contradictions, and negative teachings are to provide evidence that, as Wells explained, "it is time for us all to stop believing in, or pretending to believe in, a book that is so unworthy of belief"


  1. It's supposed to be read like a book of parables. Anyone who takes every last word literally in any of these ancient texts is seriously missing the point. They are also written within a historical context which is obsolete today.

  2. Not be approached in a
    simplistic way, yes.
    The Bible is in fact a collection of
    many different types of literature:
    historical accounts, poems,
    music, wisdom teaching,
    myths, legends,
    and yes, parables.
    There’s a whole array of literature in it.
    No one has real monopoly to
    the truth especially when one
    sticks with the insanity of
    calcified corpse-traditions of
    some established religions.
    Yet, everyone should have a try at
    real freedom of mind,
    some useful perspectives and
    options for accessing some
    very old wisdom.....