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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Earth Hour 2014

Earth Hour 2014

The Philippines absorbs some of the world's most violent typhoons, and has had to adapt to climate change earlier than most countries. Yet, it is home to a resilient and cheerful people who have been championing Earth Hour since 2008.

Turn off your light within 1 hour tonight  Saturday, 29 March 2014 at 8:30 PM, for Earth Hour Worldwide observance.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GLIMPSE360: Spitzer's Infrared Milky Way

GLIMPSE360: Spitzer's Infrared Milky Way  

It is hard to comprehend the size our galaxy, but now Nasa has created an incredible panoramic view of the Milky Way that you can tour by clicking a button.

The star-studded panorama is made up of over two million infrared images taken over the last decade by the space agency’s Spitzer Space Telescope. 
This is our Milky Way galaxy as you’ve never seen it before. Ten years in the making, this is the clearest infrared panorama of our galactic home ever made, courtesy of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

GLIMPSE360: WorldWide Telescope Viewer, Zoom in and out, View in dark and daylight. http://www.spitzer.caltech.edu/glimpse360/wwt

New 360-degree, 20-gigapixel mosaic view of the Milky Way can be seen in WorldWide Telescope http://www.spitzer.caltech.edu/glimpse360

This video shows a continually looping view of the Spitzer Space Telescope's new infrared view of our Milky Way Galaxy. The 360-degree mosaic comes primarily from the GLIMPSE360 project, which stands for Galactic Legacy Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire. It consists of more than 2 million snapshots taken in infrared light over ten years, beginning in 2003 when Spitzer launched. 
The radar view to the bottom right of the screen shows the direction currently being displayed in the main image, centered on our position in the suburbs of the Milky Way.