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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paw Prints in Art History~


Paw Prints in Art History

Art has captured the soulful, beguiling and dynamic character of man’s best friend in its diverse incarnations, from protector to predator, dark force to deity. The dog has enjoyed the closest and most intriguing relationship with man so much so that for more than 5000 years, artists have created an extraordinary array of captivating images of the dog.

We understand upon exploration the various roles the dog has played in both art and society. These loving canines do double duty as loyal pets and creative muses. A dog depicts the symbol of fidelity and romantic love; as a prized possession, vaunting its owner’s power and wealth; as a loyal pet; as a mythological being, traveling between the lands of the living and the dead; as a religious image of purity, or dissolution; and as an indispensable working and hunting companion.

From war to art, across the spectrum of human endeavor and achievement, there often stands, not only at his side but also at leading the way, man's beloved "best friend."

Throughout the ages, artists have frequently depicted dogs as symbols of positive values such as courage, loyalty, and vigilance. Whether serving as guards, guides, companions, or hunters, dogs have a very strong presence in the great artworks.

They appear in the form of Mesopotamian statuettes of the third millennium BC; they flank peasants in Le Nain’s paintings, or sit loyally at the queen’s side in Rubens’s The Coronation.

They were portrayed as active, accompanying Diana the Huntress, or pampered, as cherished lap dogs nestled on cushions. Each painting or sculpture show in its entirety and in detail, to highlight the canine presence.

1889 Colour Print Yule Log India Children Ice Party Dog
Adriaen_van_Utrecht_001 Still life
Alanhund Tres riches heures 1412
albrecht durer st jerome in his study
Albrecht Dürer. St Eustace, with hunting dogs
Albrecht Dürer--Knight Death and the Devil 1513
Albrecht Dürer--Knight Death and the Devil 1513
AMERLING, Friedrich von Countess Nákó 1855
AMIGONI, Jacopo Venus and Adonis c. 1740
An Dog. Guard Dog. Han Dynasty
CANALETTO- horses of San Marco
ANDREA DA FIRENZE- way of Salvation
Andrea Mantegna. Allegory of the Fall of Ignorant Humanity
ANGELICO, Fra- missal558 Glorificazione di S. Domenico
Angelo Caroselli- a_lady_with_her_dog_an_allegory
Annibale Carracci. Head of a dog in profile to left
Anonymous. Tobias and the angel taking leave of Tobit
Antonio Mancini-portrait_of_elizabeth_and_charles_williamson
ARCIMBOLDO, Giuseppe- Composition with Animals
Argos, dog of Odysseus
Auguste Renoir (French, 1841–1919) Madame Georges Charpentier (née Marguérite-Louise Lemonnier and Her Children
BASSANO, Jacopo the last supper (detail)
BASSEN, Bartholomeus van-Renaissance Interior with Banqueters
Jan Steen Dutch, about 1665 - 1670- Bathsheba After the Bath
BAYEU Y SUBIAS, Ramón The Blind Singer c. 1786
Medici Aesop- The dog and the beast
Benno Adam-dogs_and_whelps
BERNINI, Gian Lorenzo- rape of Proserpina
BLEKER, Gerrit Claesz-stag hunt
Frans Snyders (Flemish, 1579–1657)about 1625–30Oil on canvas, Boar Hunt Gift of John Templeman Coolidge, Jr.Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
BOILLY, Louis Léopold- departure of Conscripts.
BOSCH, Hieronymus The Seven Deadly Sins (detail)
BOSCH, Hieronymus the-marriage-feast-at-cana
BOSCH, Hieronymus Triptych of Haywain outer wings
BOSCH, Hieronymus- wayfarer
Botticelli, Sandro (Italian), The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti (II)
Botticelli, Sandro (Italian),The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti (third episode)
Botticelli, Sandro (Italian)-The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti (I)
BOTTICELLI, Sandro- 3miracles st.zenobius
Briton Riviere- fidelity 1869
Brueghel-jan-the-elder the-vision-of-st-hubert
BUGIARDINI, Giuliano- scenesTobias 1
BUGIARDINI, Giuliano-scenesTobias 2
Caesar van Everdingen- Lycurgus Demonstrates the Benefits of Education
CANALETTO-Santi Giovanni e Paolo
CANO, Alonso-saint-isidore-the-farmer
CARDINAL ALESSANDRO LANTE DELLA ROVERE'S DOG, Italian School Date Circa 1816-Circa 1818
CARLEVARIS, Luca-Venice A View of the Molo
Carlo Grubacs- a_view_of_the_doges_palace
CARNEVALE, Fra The Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple (detail).
CARNEVALE, Fra The Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
CARPACCIO, Vittore Two Venetian Ladies c. 1510
CARPACCIO, Vittore- vision 1
CARRACCI, Agostino- Hairy Harry, Mad Peter and Tiny Amon
CARVELARIS LUCA- Reception of Cardinal César d'Estrées (detail)
Cavaliere_d'Arpino (Giuseppe Cesari)_-_Diana_and_Actaeon
Bosse, Abraham, French, 1604–1676- Ce Berger me ravit avec sa cornemuse
Cecilia Beaux- lane-lovell-and-his-dog
CELLINI, Benvenuto- Sakuki Greyhound
Cellini, Benvenuto--Nymph-of-Fontainebleau-3
Curtiss, Marion- Ceramic Dog Rendered c. 1936
Charles Burton Barber - My First Partner
Charles Burton Barber (British, 1845-1894) «Once bit, twice shy» 1885
Charles Burton Barber - Blond and Brunette
Charles Burton Barber - Girl with Dogs
Charles Burton Barber - In Disgrace
Charles Burton Barber - Not Much Wrong
Charles Burton Barber - Suspense
Charles Burton Barber - Sweethearts
Charles Burton Barber - The Broken String
Charles Burton Barber - the new keeper
Charles Burton Barber - The New Whip
Charles Burton Barber The Two Invalids.
Charles Burton Barber- the hiding place

Charles Burton Barber- Trust
Charles Burton Barber-A Little Girl And Her Sheltie
Charles Olivier De Penne-a_huntmaster_with_his_dogs_on_a_forest_trail
Charles Burton Barber-How Like Grandma
Charles Burton Barber- No ride today
Charles Olivier De Penne-hunting_dogs_at_rest
Charles Spencelayh danger-ahead.
Charles Spencelayh- a_young_girl_and_her_dog
Charles Chaplin-girl_in_a_pink_dress_reading,_with_a_dog
Chinese jade curled dog with a puppy, 17th century
Ciclo_dei_mesi - giugno
CIMA da Conegliano- adoration of shepherds
Claude Joseph Baila_boy_with_dogs_and_kittens
Conradyn Cunaeus- a_greyhound_and_a_shepherd_dog
Conradyn Cunaeus- a_king_charles_spaniel_and_a_drentse_partridge_dog
CORNELIS VAN HAARLEM The Fall of Man (detail)
CORRADINI, Antonio- hatchcover
COUSTOU, Nicolas- pediment
CRANACH, Lucas the Elder- allegory melancholy
Cynocephalos - dog-headed man Karlsruhe BLM Tombstone of Fabia Stratonice
Da Vinci Study animal
David Emile Joseph de Noter- the_ladys_obedient_dog.
DAVID, Gerard- crucifixion
George Stubbs- Der Phaeton des Prince of Wales
DESPORTES, Alexandre-François- self-portrait_as_a_huntsman
DESPORTES, Alexandre-François-dog-cat
Desportes, Francois.1711 Dog and Game.
Jacques Bellange, French (Lorraine), active in 1595- Diana and Orion
Diana with Two Dogs Anonymous, German, 17th century; Formerly attributed to Georges Lallemand
Dionisio Minaggio 2 A huntsman blowing his horn and holding two leashed dogs, one of which is drinking from a stream
Dionisio Minaggio 1618 A gentleman riding a prancing horse and holding a hunting dog on a long lead
A man loading an arquebus for duck hunting. The dog has already retrieved a Mallard. Two ducks are flying overhead
George Stubbs, Dog a Oxhound on the Scent 1788
Saftleven, Cornelis (Dutch, Gorinchem 1607-1681 Rotterdam). A Dog
Oudry, Jean-Baptiste Dog Pointing a Partridge , 1725
Vos, Pauwel (Paul) de - Dogs with a Bull's Head , Mid-17th century
dogs pack crp Medici Aesop
Dosso Dossi portrait_of_a_young_man_with_a_dog_and_a_cat
leonardo-da-vinci drawing-of-the-comparative-anatomy-of-the-legs-of-a-man-and-a-dog
DROOCHSLOOT, Joost Cornelisz.- vill_strt
DUJARDIN, Karel- italian landscape with young shepherd
DÜRER, Albrecht- melencholia 1
DÜRER, Albrecht- The Virgin among a Multitude of Animals. 1503. Pen and ink and watercolour
DÜRER, Albrecht- Knight Death Devil.
DÜRER, Albrecht-St Jerome in his Study
Charles Joshua Chaplin- Her Favourite Dog
Edgar Degas Ludovic Lepic Holding His Dog
Edgar Degas song_of_the_dog
Eduard Manet - Boy with Dog. 1860-1861. Oil on canvas
Eduardo Leon Garrido- an_elegant_lady_with_her_dog
Diego Velázquez- Prince Balthasar Charles as a Hunter
Erasmus Quellinus big_dog
Bosch, Ernst: A Ride through Water: Safe Crossing
Eugene Remy Maes- training_the_dog
feedsdogcrp11 (from the rare book department of the Free Library of Philadelphia)
FENG Zikai (豐子愷, 1898-1975- torture by branding
Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller-a_dog_by_a_basket_of_grapes_in_a_landscape
Arnal Enrique- Figura Oas
Francis Edmonds-dog_from_mcguire_scrapbook
Francisco de Goya Dog half-submerged
Francisco de Goya Duchess of Alba
Frank Cadogan Cowper- portrait_of_fraunces,_beatrice,_james_and_synfye
Frans_van_Mieris, the Elder- Brothel_Scene_1658
Friedrich August Von Kaulbach-a_young_girl_resting_in_a_landscape_with_her_dog
frontispiece livre de la chasse f13
GAINSBOROUGH, Thomas Mr_and_Mrs_William_Hallett
Gainsborough, Thomas_Mr_and_Mrs_Andrew
Gauguin, Paul - 1888 Still Life with Three Puppies
Gauguin_Harvest Le Pouldu 1890
Gauguin, Paul_Haere_Pape. 1890
Gauguin, Paul - Arearea (also known as Joyousness)
Gauguin, Paul - Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin
Gauguin, Paul - Tahitian Pastorals
Gauguin, Paul- Beneath the Pandanus Tree
Gauguin, Paul - Joan of Arc
George Morland (English, 1763–1804) The Dancing Dogs
German 14th Century Seated Girl with a Dog, c. 1325
Gerrit Doua- sleeping-dog-with-terracotta-pot-1650
Ceruti, Giacomo (Italian, Lombard, 1698–1767) A Woman with a Dog
Gilbert Stuart, American, 1755–1828- John Park 1780
GIORDANO, Luca- expulsion Money changers
Giorgio Ghisi. Allegory of the hunt
GIOTTO di Bondone- joachim-among-the-shepherds
Giovanni de' Busi- reclining_woman_in_a_landscape with her dog
Giovanni Maria Benzoni a_young_girl_and_her_dog
Giovanni-von-Battista-Tiepolo Gastmahl-der-Kleopatra-Detail
Gustave Courbet (French, 1819-1877). Young Ladies of the Village, 1851-52
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, (Spanish) A Hunter and his Dogs
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, (Spanish) Hunting with a Decoy1
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Spanish) Dogs on the leash
Francisco de GOYA Y LUCIENTES - the Parasol
GOZZOLI, Benozzo -st-augustine-teaching-in-rome
Hudson, Grace Carpenter- The Watermelon
GRECO, El- christ healing blind
Gustave Achille Guillaumet dogs_of_the_douar_devouring_a_dead_hourse_in_the_gorges_of_el_kantar
Gustave Courbet- Nude Woman with Dog
Gustave Courbet-self_portrait_with_a_black_dog1
Gustave Courbet-self_portrait_with_a_black_dog
Gustave Courbet-The Quarry (La Curée)
HALS, Nicolaes- duneland
HAMEN, Juan van der- still life with puppy.
Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, 1577–1640- head-of-cyrus-brought-to-queen-tomyris- 1622–23
Heinrich Franz Schalck (German, 1791–1832) Joseph and Karl August von Klein
Henri Rousseau- Father-Juniers-Dog-Cart, 1908
HIEPES, Tomás Garden View with a Dog
HOBBEMA, Meyndert- wooded landscape
HOGARTH, William Marriage à la Mode
HOOCH, Pieter de- Woman Nursing an Infant with a Child and a Dog
Horace Vernet- the_dog_of_the_regiment_wounded
Straet, Jan van der- Horses and Dog after called Stradanus (Flemish, Bruges 1523-1605 Florence)
Hunting Scene, Ch'ien Lung (Qianlong) Period
Hunting Scene, Ch'ien Lung Period
Edouard Rouse- Rousel c.1457, with his faithful dog Geoffroi- illumination from the Histoire de Helayne; 15th century French
FENG Zikai (豐子愷, 1898-1975)- Dutiful police 義務警察
Diego-von-Velazquez- Infant-Philipp-Prosper-Detail-35619
Pieter de Hooch, Dutch- interior of a Dutch House about 1680
Isabella de Angelo- kitchen
GHIBERTI, Lorenzo- Jacob dogs and Esau
Jacobus de Jonckheer. Two fighting Bulldogs
Jacopo_da_Ponte- pastoral scene
Jacopo_Tintoretto_Crucifixion 1565
Jan Fyt still-life_with_dog
Jan Fyt- spaniels
Jan-fyt bittern-and-ducks-startled-by-dogs
Jan-van-eyck10081- Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife (detail)
Jan_Brueghel_de_Oude_-Jan (Flemish), The Archdukes hunting
Jan_Fyt Ducks startled by Dogs-bittern
Jan_Gossaert- adoration_kings
Jan Fyt- diana_with_her_hunting_dogs_beside_kill
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres- mademoiselle-henriette-ursule-claire-maybe-thevenin-and-her-dog-trim
Jean Baptiste Oudry (French, 1686–1755) Dog Guarding Dead Game
Jean Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732–1806) Portrait of a Woman with a Dog
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris-The_First_Thanksgiving
Jean Leon Gerome-A Hot Day in Cairo (In front of the Mosque)
Jean Leon Gerome- an_Arab_and_his_dogs
Jean Leon Gerome- bashi-bazouk_and_his_dog
Jean Leon Gerome- Diogenes
Jean Leon Gerome- leaving_the_mosque
Jean Leon Gerome- study_of_a_dog
Jean Leon Gerome- the_duc_de_la_rochefoucauld-doudeauville_with_his_terrier
Jean Leon Gerome- the_negro_master_of_the_hounds
Jean Leon Gerome- un_marchand_darmes_au_caire
Jean-Honoré Fragonard French, about 1770 - 1775
Jean-Leon Gerome- Socrates-seeking-alcibiades-in-the-house-of-aspasia
Jean Honore Fragonard-young_woman_playing_with_a_dog
Sandrart, Joachim_von__-_November
john Ferneley Snr- marvel,_kingfisher_and_the_lad,_three_hunters
John Frederick Herring Snr a_favorite_coach_horse_and_dog_in_a_stable
John Lewis Krimmel- the-quilting-frolic-1813
Stanley, John Mix - Hawaiian Girl with Dog 1849
Copley, John Singleton - Young Lady with a Bird and Dog
John Arthur Lomax- teaching_a_dog_new_tricks
JORDAENS, Jacob satyr_and_peasant
JORDAENS, Jacob- Diana and Actaeon
JORDAENS, Jacob- bean_king
ODEVAERE, Joseph-Denis- Portrait of a Prominent Gentleman with his Daughter and Hunting Dog
Joshua Reynolds- love_me,_love_my_dog
KESSEL, Jan van, I- kitchen
KEYSER, Hendrick de- William the Silent
Kiew Psalter Jesus converts the dog-headed cynocephalos
Katsushika Hokusai (1760—1849)- A tanuki (raccoon dog) as a tea kettle
Kitagawa Utamaro 1756-1806 from the series Treasury of the Royal Retainers
Jan Boeckhorst, painter Flemish, Kitchen Still Life with a Maid and Young Boy. Frans Snyders, painter; about 1650
L'Estrange:A Gardiner and his Dog
L'Estrange: Smith and his Dog
L'Estrange: A Sow and a Dog
L'Estrange: A Dog and a Wolf
English Aesop: La Fontaine: The Dog whose Ears were Cropped
English Aesop: La Fontaine:“THE WOLF, THE DOG AND THE COLLAR”
Lance Calkin - the_two_invalids
Lance Calkin- in_the_land_of_nod
LANCRET, Nicolas -lady_gen
Paolo_Veronese- Landscape_villa_Barbaro
Landseer, Sir Edwin_JACK in the office
LARGILLIÈRE, Nicolas de- tutor_pupil
Diego Velazquez- las_meninas
Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) Portrait of a Noblewoman
Heinrich Aldegrever German- Lazarus Begging for Crumbs from Dives's Table.1552

Le Livre de la Chasse 10 The Greyhounds
Le Livre de la Chasse 04 Training the Hunter
Le Livre de la Chasse 05 rabbits
Le Livre de la Chasse 06 The Commencement of the Hunt
Le Livre de la Chasse 07 How to Call the Dogs
Le Livre de la Chasse 09 The Picnic
Le Livre de la Chasse caring for dogs 03
Guard Dogs for the Chickens
Le Livre de la Chasse de Gaston Poebus
Limbourg, Jean- Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry: Novembre
LIMBOURG brothers (Herman, Jean, Paul)- Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry: January (detail)
livre de la chasse 02
livre de la chasse Mastiff and Dane
LOO, Jacob van- Diana_nymphs
LORENZO GHIBERTI isaac_sends_esau_to_hunt (detail)
Lorenzo_Ghiberti_Isaac sends Esau to hunt, from the Gates of Paradise 2
Lorenzo_Ghiberti_Isaac sends Esau to hunt, from the Gates of Paradise
Lorenzo Costa- portrait_of_a_lady_with_a_lap-dog
Luigi Garzi Italian, Hercules and Omphale about 1700 - 1710
Francis Bacon- Man with Dog (1953)
MANSUETI, Giovanni St Jerome in the Desert
Mantegna Andrea-The Meeting
Mantegna, Andrea- Suite of Cardinal Francesco
MANTEGNA, Andrea- westwall- the meeting
MANTEGNA, Andrea-Suite of Cardinal Francesco. (detail)
MANTEGNA, Andrea- west and north wall._palacio_ducal_mantua
Marc Franz- dog-before-the-world-1912
Marco Polo- cannibalism_690_436
The dog-headed inhabitants of Ceylon trading spices, book painting, ca. 141
Francisco de Goya- Marquesa_de_pontejos
Martin Drolling Portrait Of A Little Boy Placing A Coral Necklace On A Dog_ Both Seated In A Parkland Setting
Mary Cassatt Woman in Raspberry Costume Holding a Dog, c. 1901
Mary Cassatt- Elsie_Cassatt_holding_a_big_dog
Mary Cassatt -Sara_in_a_large_flowered_hat,_looking_right
Mary Cassatt-Sara_with_her_dog_in_an_armchair,_wearing_a_bonnet
Print made by: Master of the Gardens of Love. Christ before Pilate; Christ is led in from the left by two myrmidons; Pilate stands to the right, with a dog curled up at his feet Engraving
Mather Brown (1761–1831) Lady with a Dog
Matsch, Franz von - a bulldog
Medieval rendering of St. Roch
MEMLING, Hans- Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation (front)
MEMLING, Hans- Carrying the Cross
METSU, Gabriel- citern player
MEULENER, Pieter- river_la
Mexico-(Nayarit)- Double-Headed-Dog-200-BC-500-AD-painting-artwork
MINIATURIST, French charles-vi-talking-to-pierre-salmon
MINIATURIST, French- Falconry Book of Frederick II
MINIATURIST, French- Rules of the Order of St Michael
MONET, CLAUDE- camille-with-a-small-dog
Monogrammist M.S. German, 1557
Mrs. Moses B. Russell (Clarissa Peters) (1809–1854) Baby with Rattle and Dog
Murillo, Bartolome Esteban -urchin_with_a_dog_and_basket
MURILLO, Bartolomé Esteban- Holy Family with a Bird
MURILLO, Bartolomé Esteban-The Toilette 1675
NAPOLETANO, Filippo- Dante and Virgil in the Underworld - c. 1622
Nazca-lines Peru
Nicolaes Maes- portrait_of_four_children
Nicolas de Largillière French, about 1710 - 1714- Portrait of a boy in Fancy Dress
Norman Rockwell- hobo_and_dog
Noter-David-Emil-Joseph-de- The Lady's Obedient Dog
John Lewis Krimmel- fourth-of-july-in-centre-square-philadelphia-1812
Antonio Rotta- old man and best friend
Ostade, Adriaen van- Peasant family at home
Otto Eerelman- a_st._bernard_dog
OUWATER, Isaak-The Lottery Office (detail)1779
Paolo Caliari dit Véronèse 1528-1588 Les Noces de Cana 1562 Louvre
Paolo Veronese (Caliari) - The Marriage Feast at Cana, detail of Christ and musicians, c.1562
Paolo Veronese - Supper in Emmaus
Paolo Veronese (Caliari)- Villa Barbaro: Lady and Nurse on the Balcony
Paolo Veronese Feast in the House of Simon (detail)2
Paolo Veronese the_marriage_at_Cana
Paolo Veronese- 1darius
Paolo Veronese- adoration-of-the-magi-1573
Paolo Veronese- The Family of Darius before Alexander (detail)
Paula Rego- Two Girls and a Dog
Paolo CALIARI- perche_il_cane_tira_il_guinzaglio__why_the_dog_pulls_the_lead
Peter Paul Rubens- st-cecilia-1640
Peter_Paul_Rubens- Venus_and_Adonis
Phebus- sanglier
Piero-Di-Cosimo-piero-Di-Lorenzo- The-Death-of-Procris
Pierre Bonnard- figures-in-the-street-1894
Pierre-Auguste Renoir- the-painter-jules-le-coeur-walking-his-dogs-in-the-forest-of-fontainebleau-1866
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Bather with a Griffon Dog
Pierre-Auguste_Renoir_-_Portrait_d'Alfred_Berard and Dog
PONTORMO, Jacopo- Vertumnus and Pomona.detail
Washington Allston Poor Author and the Rich Bookseller 1811
Francisco de Goya- portait_of_maria_teresa_de_borbon_y_vallabriga

Stubbs, George 1724-1806- Portrait of a Young Gentleman Out Shooting 1781
Ramsay Richard Reinagle- Portrait of John Peel 1776-1854 with one of his hounds
Stubbs, George- Portrat des John Nelthorpe als Kind
POT, Hendrick Gerritsz - vanity
Pottery Dog, Eastern Han dynasty
Peter Paul Rubens workshop- Previous Diana and Her Nymphs on the Hunt
PROKOFYEV, Ivan Prokofyevich- acteon pursued by dogs
Tommaso Guidi, Tommaso di Giovanni di Simone Guidi (Masaccio)- Putto and a Small Dog (back side of the Berlin Tondo)
Paolo Veronese- Pèlerins d'Emmaüs, boy and dog detail
Paolo Veronese- Detail from Les Pelerins d'Emmaus girls and dog, painted in the 16th century
QUADAL, Martin Ferdinand- Portrait of Count Anton Lamberg-Sprinzenstein with hunting dog
Quellinus, Erasmus__(II)_-_Portrait_of_a_Young_Boy
Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) Young Woman With A Dog 1876
Raffaelli_Jean_Francois_Man_Walking dogs
Rembrandt_The Blindness of Tobit-1651
RENOIR, Pierre Auguste- aline-charigot-with-a-dog-1880
RENOIR, Pierre Auguste- At the Inn of Mother Anthony, 1866
RENOIR, Pierre Auguste- Girl-with-a-Dog-1875
RENOIR, Pierre Auguste- Madame Renoir and Bob
RENOIR, Pierre Auguste- young-girl-with-a-dog
Jean-François Millet, French, 1814–1875- Return_of_the_Flockabout 1863–64
RICCI, Sebastiano- venus_adonis
Richard Ansdell- the_lucky_dogs
John Singer Sargent, American- Robert de Cévrieux 1879
Ronner Knip Henriette The Dog Cart
Ronner_Knip_Henriette Animal-Dog-Basket-of-puppies-and-mother
Rubens, Peter Paul (Flemish) Atalanta and Meleager hunting the Wild Boar of Calydon
Rubens, Peter Paul (Flemish) Diana and her Nymphs, Hunting
RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel- portrait-of-lady-arundel-with-her-train
RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel-The Martyrdom of St Livinus
RYCKAERT, David the Younger_(III)_-_Peasant_with_a_Dog
SAFTLEVEN, Cornelis- huntsman
Saint Christoph as dog-headed man
Salvador Dali- portrait_of_Chester_dale_and_his_dog_coco
Schouman-Aert- Birds-and-a-dog-in-park
Sebastiano_Ricci_(Italian)-_Diana_and_Her_Dog_ about 1700 - 1705
Rembrandt f. 1631- Self-portrait in oriental attire with poodle
Jean-François Millet, French- Shepherdess Knitting, outside the Village of Barbizon about 1860–62
Jean-François Millet, French- Shepherdess with her Flock and Dog 1863–65
SIBERECHTS, Jan- the-market-garden-1664
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer- dignity_and_impudence
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer- the_arab_tent
Sir Edwin Landseer- the-old-shepherd-s-chief-mourner
Sir Edwin Landseer- Windsor_Castle_in_Modern_Times._1841-1845
Sir Edwin Landseer-Queen Victoria at Osborn House
Sir Edwin Landseer-The-favourites-of-Queen-Victoria
Sir Edwin Landseer_Attachment
Sir Edwin Landseer_engraving dog
Sir Edwin_Landseer-_A_Highland_Breakfast
Sir Edwin_Landseer- Dog Jack in Office
Sir Francis Grant- Charlotte Malcolm
Snyders, Frans Flemish, A Wild Boar at Bay 1620 - 1630
SLODTZ, René-Michel- diana_endymion
SNYDERS, Frans- the-pantry
Spencer, Stanley-Sunflower-and-Dog-Worship
SPRANGER, Bartholomaeus- adoration
Stevens, Joseph Dog Carrying Dinner to its Master (Fable by La Fontaine),1846
Storck, abraham- italianate-park-landscape
TRANOVER, Tobias - A Monkey, a Dog and Various Birds in a Landscape
STRANOVER, Tobias - banquet-at-the-house-of-simon
Paula Rego- Stray Dogs
Strij van Abraham - interior-of-an-inn-with-soldier-and-maid
Strij, Abraham van- merriment-on-frozen-river
Strij-van-Abraham- contemplation-of-a-drawing
Strij-van-Abraham- sitting-man-with-dog
Strij-van-Jacob- hendrik-weymans-and-his-family
Strij-van-Jacob- landscape-with-coast-and-ruin
Stubbs, George - Reapers
Stubbs, George. A Water Spaniel, 1769
Stubbs, George 1724-1806. A Couple of Foxhounds 1792
STUBBS, George-families
Da Vinci- Study+sheet+dog
Takagi Shunzan 高木春山, from the Honzō zusetsu- tigerdog
TENIERS, David the Younger- temptation st. Anthony
Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery Dog Statue
TERBORCH, Gerard- a-young-woman-playing-a-theorbo-to-two-men
Teniers_David_the younger(II)_-_Peasants_Dancing_outside_an_Inn
Terborch, Gerard- The Letter
TerBorch, Gerard__boy_ridding_his_dog_of_fleas
dog bites man
The dog and the butcher
The dog, the rooster, and the fox
The sleeping dog and the wolf
The rook and the dog
The sleeping dog and the wolf The dog, the rooster, and the fox
George Stubbs- The Grosvenor Hunt
Stothard, Thomas - The House-dog, with the uncouth greyhound, ca. 1793
Stubbs, George- The hunters leave Southill
Rousseau, Henri -The Wedding, 1904-1905
Rembrandt- the-good-samaritan-aft--pen-ink
Thomas Eakins- the_artists_wife_and_his_setter_dog
Thomas Gainsborough Mr and Mrs William Hallett The Morning Walk
Thomas Gainsborough-cottage_girl_with_dog_and_pitcher
Thomas Gainsborough- john-plampin
Thomas Gainsborough- Portrait of Carl_Friedrich_Abel
Thomas Gainsborough- portrait-of-colonel-john-bullock
Thomas_GAINSBOROUGH- The_Marsham_Children
Thomas Gainsborough-shepherd_boys_with_dogs_fighting
Thomas Rowlandson- the_sick_dog
Thulden-van-Theodoor- Odyseus-recognised-by-his-dog
TIEPOLO, Giovanni Battista- The Banquet of Cleopatra
TIEPOLO, Giovanni Domenico- the_promenade
Tiepolo, Giovanni_Battista__-_The_Banquet_of_Cleopatra
Tilborgh, Gillis_van__-_Family_Portrait_(detail)
Tintoretto, Jacopo- St. Roch Curing the Plague
Tintoretto- christ-washing-the-feet-of-his-disciples
Titian [Vecellio di Gregorio Tiziano] (Italian) Emperor Carlos V with a Dog 1533
Titian_(Tiziano_Vecellio)_(Italian_-_Venus_and_Adonis_about 1555 - 1560
Titian_Venus reclining_Venus of Urbino
TITO, Tiberio di- Portrait of a Dog
TIZIANO Vecellio-_Allegory_of_Time_Governed_by_Prudence
TIZIANO Vecellio- death-of-actaeon-1562
TIZIANO Vecellio- Venus of Urbino (detail)
TIZIANO Vecellio- youth-with-dogs-1576
Tiziano,_Federico_II_Gonzaga Duke of Mantua
Tiziano-Vecellio- Venus-and-an-organist-and-a-little-dog
TROY, Jean-François de- The Judgement of Paris
Troyon, Constant - hunter-with-his-dogs-1854
Jacques Bellange, French (Lorraine), active in 1595- Two Tramps Fighting Two beggars fighting, 1613–16
UDEN, Lucas van- Alpine Landscape
Uden, Lucas van- Wooded Dune Landscape
UNKNOWN ICON PAINTER, Greek- Sts Stephen and Christopher
UNKNOWN MASTER, Italian- Portrait of Dogs with a Cat and a Rabbit
UNKNOWN WEAVER, Flemish- The Offering of the Heart
VELÁZQUEZ, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y- Retrato_del_Cardinal-Infante_Fernando_de_Austria as a hunter
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y (Spanish) Felipe IV in Hunting
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y (Spanish) Portrait of a Buffoon with a Dog
VERNET, Horace- The Dog of the Regiment Wounded
VERNET, Horace- The Wounded Trumpeter
VERNET, Horace- the_artists_studio
VERONESE, Paolo- Religio and Fides (Religion and Faith)-1577
VERONESE, Paolo-end-wall-of-the-stanza-del-cane-1561
Veronese,Paolo(Caliari) The Wedding at CanaThe Wedding at Cana. Photograph after restoration. From the Benedictine Convent of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Detail of two dogs
Verschuur-Wouterus- Country-folk-in-a-winter-landscape

Vincent van Gogh Dog
VOS, Simon de- Allegory of the Five Senses.
VOUET, Simon- diana
Waterloo Cup Dogs Dog Race Indian China Soldiers 1901
WEENIX, Jan-Landscape with Huntsman and Dead Game
Westall, Richard - Shepherd with dog & sheep
WILLIAM WEGMAN. Man Ray with Sculpture, 1978
Vincent van Gogh- Woman Walking Her Dog
WOOTTON, John- the shooting party
Wynants, Jan__-_Wooded_Landscape
Yi Ahm 1499 Mother Dog 15th century
Yuqi_Wang_the_year_of_the_dog-l 1958
Zorn_Emma Zorn And Mouche The Dog
ZUCCARO, Federico- greyhound
Theodor van Thulden (1606 - 1669) Argos Recognizes Odysseus

*Taken from many Sources*
ARC Museum

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*original post date Sept. 7, 2011
Comments repost:

 whazit2u wrote on Oct 23, '11
Awesome collection !
Makes one realize how much artwork has the dog in it.
Thanks for sharing.

nosauvelta wrote on Oct 24, '11
Thanks a LOT, Ben.

Dogs have come
a long way in history,
long since Descartes
claimed in the 1500's
that dogs were nothing
more than machines,
or work tools,
unthinking and unfeeling.
When we recognize
their enduring qualities,
we realize their
true value
in everything --
in enhancing
the human spirit
of nurture,
devotion and love,
with their ability
to show affection
and loyalty beyond words.
And so what perfect
and better way
to express our great
gratitude at the joy
in having merited
their loving company
than by immortalizing
these friends
in art as well as literature.

vikumat wrote on Oct 28, '11
Gracias por compartir estas obras de arte con temática animal. Las voy a disfrutar mucho.!

nosauvelta wrote on Oct 28, '11
Thank you, too, Victoriano...

I am more than
happy to share
with you
and everybody
this personal
tribute to a
long-time companion
who had a life well-loved --
in truth, it is only that
which has given
you sorrow
would be that,
who could
fill your cup
with boundless joy.

There are innumerable
things which
have undeniable value,
and most prime
is the love shared
between a dog
and an individual...

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