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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Biomotion Lab


Biological motion contains information about several different emotions, intentions, personality traits and biological attributes of the agent. 

The human visual system is highly sensitive to biological motion and capable of extracting this information from it. We investigate the question of how such information is encoded in biological motion patterns and how it can be retrieved from it.

We developed a framework that transforms biological motion into a linearized representation which enables us to apply linear methods from statistics and pattern recognition to its analysis.

Initially, we used gender classification as an example and created a simple classifier, whose performance was compared to psychophysical data from human observers. However, the same approach can be used to extract information about other walker attributes as well.....



  1. Interesting, indeed! :-)
    This is a totally
    cool technology.

    Check your gait
    and see how
    your emotions
    and personality
    vary to whatever
    mood you're in.

    If you turn it all
    the way up on
    Male, Light,
    Nervous and Happy,
    it dances a little jig :-)

    Mine would be
    Female, Light,
    and Sad -
    which really is
    reflective of reality....