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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuscany's Awing Majesty

Tuscany's Awing Majesty


Stunning Tuscany landscapes created by Czech Republic based photographer Daniel Řeřicha.


'Cisterns and stones; the fig-tree in the wall
Casts down her shadow, ashen as her boughs,
Across the road, across the thick white dust.
Down from the hill the slow white oxen crawl,
Dragging the purple wagon heaped with must,
With scarlet tassels on their milky brows,
Gentle as evening moths. Beneath the yoke
Lounging against the shaft they fitful strain
To draw the wagon on its creaking spoke,
And all the vineyard folk
With staves and shouldered tools surround the wain.
The wooden shovels take the purple stain,
The dusk is heavy with the wine's warm load;
Here the long sense of classic measure cures
The spirit weary of its difficult pain;
Here the old Bacchic piety endures,
Here the sweet legends of the world remain.
Homeric wagons lumbering the road;
Virgilian litanies among the bine;
Pastoral sloth of flocks beneath the pine;
The swineherd watching, propped upon his goad,
Under the chestnut trees the rootling swine
Who could so stand, and see this evening fall,
This calm of husbandry, this redolent tilth,
This terracing of hills, this vintage wealth,
Without the pagan sanity of blood
Mounting his veins in young and tempered health?
Who could so stand, and watch processional
The vintners, herds, and flocks in dusty train
Wend through the golden evening to regain
The terraced farm and trodden threshing-floor
Where late the flail
Tossed high the maize in scud of gritty ore,
And lies half-buried in the heap of grain
Who could so watch, and not forget the rack
Of wills worn thin and thought become too frail,
Nor roll the centuries back *
And feel the sinews of his soul grow hale,
And know himself for Rome's inheritor'

You may find all these at its original source http://www.danielrericha.cz/galerie-toscana.html

~All images remain
the copyright of
their rightful owner,
Daniel Řeřicha.
Allowance is made
for "fair use"
for purposes
as criticism,
news reporting,
and research.~

*1x.com - Onexposure


  1. With your heart at ease,
    how calming it is
    to be one with the
    immutable sunset's
    sombre shadows,
    to let it have its say
    and your mind
    stand idly
    in total serenity,
    real joy comes
    from within
    with a single thought
    that everything
    will be okay
    as the dark slips
    through dawn
    and you can
    shut out the real world...

  2. Soul whisperings.
    what my
    hand writes...

  3. Like the soft
    warm caress
    of sunlight,
    your appreciation
    brightens up
    my smile.

    Thank you, Faisal...

  4. :) if my appreciation really brighten ups your smile then keep smiling cause I will keep appreciating :)

  5. What a wonderful picture. I'd love to be there.

  6. Indeed!
    Me, too, Stan.
    I wish to be in Tuscany.
    Many difficult days
    for a lot of people
    living in busy
    metropolitan cities,
    and sometimes we
    just need to focus
    on things that
    make us feel peaceful...

    Such a nice
    reprieve from stress --
    scarcely a trace
    of ugly pollution,
    you see serene skies,
    verdant, lush meadows,
    a ribbon of shadows
    behind mystifying trees
    that stand as
    sentinels of the hills,
    every nook a perfect
    instance of efflorescence.

    A most beautiful place...
    Heaven and earth conflate,
    as if contending,
    vie to uplift ones being.
    There are a few places
    in the world which
    resonate with
    magic and romance,
    that imbue every fiber
    of the heart with a
    depth that no other
    place could create...

  7. You describe it so well, I am jealous of your word power.
    You are a very special lady, I send you best wishes for
    the year we have entered now. Hugs, Stan.


  8. Thank you very much, Stan.
    I read your stories
    and each time,
    the feeling is like,
    a special gift is
    being unveiled.
    Wishing this new year
    lead you to roads of
    wonderful tomorrows
    that brings you
    loads of happiness
    and good health...

    ~warmest hugs~