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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dialogus - They are Alive

An event revolutionizes our minds. Its outcome: People who have marked history accept to come out of their isolation and are willing to participate in a huge conversation with whoever wants to write to them - as long as their questions are constructive and respectful.

Intellectuals are not dead to intervene in our current debates.

You can write to these personalities and they will reply to you.
People who made history will come out of their isolation and agree to participate in a great dialogue with anyone who wants to write them.

See more at: http://www.dialogus2.org/

English site: http://www.dialogus2.org/enindex.html


  1. After finding here a great treasure of interesting blogs and themes, it is my pleasure to see dialogus2 on your page. stan

  2. Dialogus is such an
    innovative site because
    it distinguishes itself with
    a unique and remarkable
    means to allow everyone to
    communicate one's thoughts
    and analysis of issues,
    and you may also put in some
    cogent arguments, or just simply
    get your point across to
    these great historical personas
    regarding their life, philosophy,
    deeds, even whims and caprices.

    It would be enlightening to write
    to Marquis de Sade and make him
    explain on his belief that
    man is really an animal that has
    such desires and wants,
    free to act upon its every whim...

    Thanks again, Stan.........