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Friday, October 31, 2008

Brazil - BRAZZIL - Goodbye to Baden Powell - Brazilian Music - November 2000

Goodbye Song

American musician Stan Getz once asked Brazilian conductor
Júlio Medaglia, "Why doesn't Baden Powell move to Europe or
the United States, where he would become the world's greatest
guitarist?" To what Medaglia answered, "Because, may be,
he's already the world's greatest guitarist."

The sounds he extracted from his guitar were magic and unique. Bossa nova owes a lot to him. His musical style at a time popular and erudite became a model for musicians all around the world.

Now, his guitar is silent and the composer is not writing anymore. Baden Powell de Aquino died September 26 from pneumonia, in Rio, at age 63, after a stay of more than a month at Clínica Sorocaba. He was diabetic and had kidney problems. Much of his ailments originated in his youth when he started to drink heavily and smoke, two addictions that followed him throughout life.

Rodolfo Espinoza

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