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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alan Watts - "I"

This is one of several animated short films set to the audio recordings of philosopher Alan Watts (1915 -- 1973). From what I can tell, the animations were made several years ago and were produced by the makers of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park infamy have recently (and quietly) been dishing out some ill animation slices that illustrate gems from the archives of Alan Watts. Check 'em out.


From Lecture of Alan Watts



  1. This is brill... wondering if it's part of something larger...

  2. Oh yes... just a part of something larger,
    complicated, expanding from within
    and gradually complicates itself
    expanding outward
    like a bud blossoming
    like a seed turning into a plant...

    "I", an island of consciousness locked up in a bag of skin facing outsiders, in the sense that what is out side me is not me...

    ".... I, a stranger and afraid
    In a world I never made....." - A.E. Housman

    Where there are rocks,
    watch out, watch out!
    Because the rocks are
    going eventually
    to be alive....
    Huh? 1:29 LOL

    For every outside, there's an inside,
    and for every inside, there's an outside.
    And although they are different,
    they go together...

    That which you really are,
    fundamentally and forever,
    is the WHOLE of being...
    All that there is, the works - that's you.
    The whole cosmos expresses itself
    in you, in you, in you,
    with all the different variations.

    "For whom the LORD loves He chastens...
    when's He's gonna hit next?" :-)

    Being a stranger in the earth...
    In constant contentiousness
    with everything around you.....

    Utimately, realize that
    the external world
    is our body extended...

  3. Thanks so much! I hope to watch and get back to you... This is exactly what I was looking for.

  4. I posted those animations to the Buddhist Travellers group when I saw it yesterday. I'm sure they enjoyed it also. :^)

  5. You're welcome.
    Alan Watts is the
    perfect spiritual teacher -
    with him, even the most obfuscating
    facts of life comes unraveled
    with unmistakable crystal-clearness
    and humor......

  6. Good to know they enjoyed it.
    (Oh, I'm a Buddhist Travelers member, too,
    non-active, though :-) )

    There are many paths to
    perfect enlightenment as
    when we cultivate a
    natural awareness of "things".
    Alan Watts with his
    characteristic clarity,
    can be likened to spiritual ophthalmologist,
    making people see into one's nature
    and become enlightened....

  7. Lol, I'm still confused though. ;-) pondering it though... I liked the floodlight image of mystical experience, though this does not match anything I've experienced.

  8. Same sentiments...
    All seems abstract,
    yet with a bit of
    "floodlight" consciousness
    (not a bit, double-dosed,
    more like it LOL),
    taking baby-steps
    towards more understanding...

  9. To see the other side of the coin, or dice, or ... Absolutely I try to do that all the time, to be balanced. I never think of that as floodlight consciousness, more of a point consciousness from a point of neutrality.

  10. "... and so, we see ourselves as confronted by a world that doesn't give a damn about us."

    I suppose my question would be, when, where and by whom was it ever implied that the world SHOULD give a damn about us? And, if we do declare that it is implied by our very existence that a particular entity or something conscious should care about us, are we not stating that this entity does in fact exists and is conscious? Because if we truly believe that this entity does not exist, why would we even think to bring up the possibility that it, or any other part of the world, should have the obligation to care at all?