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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Belly Dancer SADIE

Amazing belly dancer SADIE in IAMED performance videos.

Sadie Marquardt is an American International performing artist, instructor and choreographer recognized worldwide as one of today's most exciting and innovative Belly Dance artists.

*original post Oct 6 2008 


  1. Great and beatiful dancer. Magic rythm. thanks a lot

  2. You're welcome, Demian.

    Enjoy! :-)
    This is passion in rhythm...

  3. Of course, sensuallity, passion, pleasure... and so on. And all that under the constant condition of beauty, to make a quick art with the own body

  4. Yea, I love everything about
    this dance: the wiggling hips,
    the chest isolations, the floor work
    like, back-bending, the exotic music,
    the drum solo and of course, the costumes!
    I adore the mystery of the double veils,
    the head dress, the soft, flowing,
    transparent chiffon materials, the colors,
    and yes, what a fun way to exercise
    without feeling it is an exercise :-)