If There Is Much In The Window There Should Be More In The Room

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ever So Clear

A million stars foreseeable,
One chance would
Have you glance at it
To know how it moves you
A lifetime of perception
A century of maybes
You know it can be
Only inches away.
The heart does not fear the stars,
The moon fails to hide
And everything,
Every image becomes
Ever so clear....

Plant Study - Marrow Showing General Growth
circular embroidery
applique panel
rag picture
embroidered fragment
'Equus' poster
8 immortals ivory tree trunk
027Black Bodyscapes
A Gnat challenges a Lyon
A nobleman listening to music
A princess standing beneath a sapling
A yogi seated on a tiger skin
Abstract with bottle and mask
Acrobats I
Acrobats II
Acrobats IIa
Akademicheskii risunok’ by Briullov, Karl Pavlovich, (1799-1852)
amulet of the ibis of Thoth
Angela Meaden
Another Empire State
armorial plate bearing the arms of Wood of Islington, Middlesex
asking for trouble
astronomical clock
Bakst, Leon [Rozenberg, Lev Samoilovich], (1866-1924), ’ Vestnik. Kostium. (’Ippolit’) ’
Beyond Skin - CD Sleeve
Black Bodyscapes
Black Bodyscapes006
Black Bodyscapes017
Black Bodyscapes021
Black Bodyscapes038
blue and white porcelain brushpot
blue-green scarab
Bruck, Maya
Bruck, Maya
cat, butterfly and peony snuff bottle
ceiling hanging, shamiana
celadon lantern
Channels Echoes Empty Chairs
Chanting Heads
Chanting Heads065
Cizhou ware ceramic pillow, in the form of a small boy

dancer Unni Krishnan
Dehua blanc de Chine porcelain boat with seven fairies.
eccentric flint
embroidery sampler, panel, canvas work
Fall from grace
Five samples of leaf print fabric
Glass Houses
gold pendant amulet of Heh
Grammar of Japanese Ornament and Design
hanging scroll of an Immortal with the fungus of longevity
hanging scroll of Twenty-four Scenes of Filial Piety (first of a set)
hanging scroll of Twenty-four Scenes of Filial Piety (fourth of a set)
hanging scroll of Twenty-four Scenes of Filial Piety (second of a set)
hanging scroll of Twenty-four Scenes of Filial Piety
Ladies bathing in a garden

Life Bucket
Mandarin square of a civilian grade 4 official of the Jiaqing reign
Miller, Michael
miniature of a lady musician playing a erhu
miniature of a lady musician playing a erhu
miniature of a lady musician playing a pipa
miniature of lady musicians playing cymbals and a drum
National Bus Company poster
National Savings Bank
Oblique - Photograph 3
Open week poster
People fording a river during the monsoon
phoenix hair ornament
porcelain beer tankard
rootwood carving of Guanyin

Royal Cambodian teapot with lid
Set thirty six Japanese printed poem cards in lacquer box.
Shiva’s Dance of the Setting Sun - Photograph
standing healing Buddha (Yakushi Nyorai)
statuette of a Dehua judge
statuette of Duamutef, Son of Horus
statuette of Isis nursing Harpocrates
Surface Tension - Image 3 - Photograph
Swan, rush and iris
Swimming against the tide
sword pommel
table screen
The Dispute between Hotspur, Glendower, Mortimer, and Worcester

The Ghosts of Christendom

The Tear That Falls

The ruler of Hamadan discovers the debauched Qazi

travelling canteen

tricolour cinnabar lacquer box and cover

two part effigy vessel

The Fire Next time

Lars Arrhenius

UNICEF [United Nations Children’s Fund] appeal poster


Visvamitra visits Vasishtha’s hermitage

Ward, Tina

Woman with Tambur

Zhar ptitsa

underglaze copper-red moon flask

vase with lingzhi fungi

wucai ware box

’Akademicheskii risunok’ by Ivanov, Aleksandr Andreevich, (1806-1858)
Turkish towel fragment
Turkish towel fragment

*Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection*


  1. Thank you for the introduction Cora. I'm being exposed to new visions every time I visit your page.

  2. .... and I am blessed to
    know somebody who's
    sensibly no stranger to
    showing ready appreciation
    for my efforts.....

  3. hats off to the carvers.... soo elegant

  4. Such an arduous endeavor
    where the truest passion
    for art and work,
    respect for history
    and beauty is evident...
    This particular carving
    bears the imprint of the
    minutiae of observation and
    painstaking close
    attention to proportion....