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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sacrifice - Michael Nyman (The Piano)


Jane Campion's choice of Michael Nyman to produce the soundtrack for "The piano" was truly inspired for this unusual film. Set in a remote location in New Zealand, the story involves only a small number of key people.

There are some eccentric local characters and an immigrant family bring from the northern hemisphere with them their own customs and attitudes, allowing for a culture clash between the uninhibited and the repressed. However it is in the personal interactions of the lead protagonists that the story unfolds and reveals a complex web of passions.

Throughout, Nyman uses the "Minimalist" style which he has helped to found and nurture. He builds complete pieces from fragments which are repeated and allowed to develop in morphing fashion. This is so appropriate for Ada's amateur folk-style compositions.

This description of the minimalist philosophy might seem cold and calculating but, on the contrary, Nyman demonstrates that these methods can create works of surprising warmth and depth.

Truly Celtic in feel....

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