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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Unknown Vista inside Musical Instruments

Unknown Vista inside Musical Instruments

They say beauty comes from within, and music does so quite literally – most sounds of music are created inside the instruments. Now you can go where few have gone before: inside musical instruments, a concept with an exquisitely-produced campaign by German photographer Björn Ewers & Mona Sibai for the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker.

Different sounds emanate from various melodic mechanisms. While they all have their maker's marks and unique quirks, builds of instruments are standard. So, instead of shooting the entire Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, they’ve chosen to focus on the music more than the musicians in the print ads.

Macro shots taken by Mierswa Kluska  capture the interior of a violin, cello, flute and pipe organ as if they were spacious airy chambers, filled with sunlight breaking from little cracks on the walls. The captured images make you believe that you could actually walk inside them and experience the feeling of mightiness and mystery. In fact, the insides look big enough to hold the symphonic rehearsals!

Visit Björn Ewers for more info.

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